The white thai Kratom is the most popular form of Thai Kratom. It is commonly used as an energy booster and not necessarily for pain relief as other variants of Kratom. It gives the user the ability to concentrate for long hours, energy among other benefits.

The results you get from the use of White Thai Kratom will vary depending on the dosage, and the results can last for up to four hours. There are several reasons that determine how your body will react to use of White Thai Kratom; this includes; body weight and endurance levels. It is recommended that you take small doses and increase slowly by slowly as your body gets used to it. Taking larger doses can result in sedation, and it is advisable to cut down your dosage if you have such an experience. Your body will slowly build its endurance to the drug, and hence it is okay to start with smaller doses and slowly increase your dosage. It is also important that you always take a break of between six to ten hours between doses to allow your body to regain its strength before taking the next dose. On the other hand, if you do not feel the effects of the dose after taking it, you can increase the dose and monitor the amount that your body can comfortably handle.

There are instances where the drug may fail to kick in because of something you ate and hence it is advisable that you give it time. The capsules are known to take a bit longer as they first need to dissolve before being absorbed into your bloodstream and for the effects to be felt. It is highly likely that your body will reject an overdose of the drug and as such always stick to the recommended doses. There have been no cases of overdose reported, and it is important that users realize that use of White Thai Kratom will not stop your addiction to alcohol.

Dosage Instructions

The dosage for this variant of Thai Kratom will depend on the effect you intend on achieving. It also will depend on your body among other factors as explained earlier. The White Thai Kratom can be used in three different dosages, and you can pick one depending on your endurance;

One to three grams- This is also known as the beginner’s dosage. The effects of this dose will last for between four to five hours and for some there may be minimal results or none at all.

Three to five grams-This will result in a boosted mood, energy, and happiness

Seven to ten grams-This is the recommended dosage for long-term users. It brings about relaxation among other benefits.

White Vein Strain is the go-to variant if you are seeking relief and changing your moods if you feel stressed.