Kratom is an evergreen plant. It belongs to the family of coffee. Kratom is excessively grown in the regions of South-East Asia. Kratom has a variety of different types. All these types of Kratom are grown in different areas and are special in their own properties. Each Kratom type possesses different properties. In fact, not only properties but the nature of each Kratom strain is totally different from each other. This difference depends upon the soil in which they are cultivated. Just like the divergence in the strain of Kratom the legal status of Kratom is also not the same all over the world. In some countries, it is considered as the legal herb and users are using it freely without any fear. In other countries, Kratom is completely illegal and you cannot use it.

States in which Kratom is illegal:

Almost 70 years ago, Kratom was completely banned in Thailand. Till dates, its legal status has not been changed over there. Still, Kratom is believed to be the illegal drug and you cannot use it freely in Thailand. The most humorous thing is that Thailand is rich in the growth of Kratom. In fact, the most powerful strain of Kratom (red Thai Kratom) is grown there. Isn’t it sounding funny that the region which is blessed with the growth of Kratom cannot use Kratom itself? Excluding Thailand, Australia and Myanmar are also banned by the government to use Kratom.

Just like Thailand, Malaysia is also very popular for the growth of Kratom. Unfortunately, the people of Malaysia cannot use this herb freely. It has been banned by the government in Malaysia as well.

Although, Kratom is a safe drug it can cause addiction and dependency. This is why the government has banned it to take care of the health of citizens especially the young generation. This is why it is restricted in most of the region even in the regions where it naturally grows.

States in which Kratom is legal:

If you are living in the US then you can buy this drug freely. Kratom has been declared as a legal drug in the US. You can purchase and sell it without any fear. License is also not needed it the US for purchasing and buying it. But there are some states in which Kratom use is restricted.

Closure: There are very few states around the world in which Kratom has been declared as a legal drug. Its restriction is due to the safety measurements as it can cause addiction. Doing anything against the law will never be appreciated. This is why you should be very sure about the legal status of Kratom in your region. Do not use it if it is not approved in the state where you are living. Your small mistake or ignorance may lead you to some trouble or may take you behind the bars. This is why confirming the legal status and then using it is more appreciated. Noting should be more important to you than your own self. Be careful about it!