Kratom is the one herb that substitutes medication and drugs with perfection. During harvest, its foliage is picked from the tree and as such, the leaves are the main form of kratom. Red Borneo Kratom leaves feature red veins, and that is how its differentiated from other kratom. After harvesting them in their homeland, Indonesia, they are processed into powder and shipped abroad for manufacturing or converted into capsules within their hometown.

Using Red Borneo leaves

The natives of the three countries sharing Borneo Island including Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, sometimes chew the leaves of Red Borneo straight from the forest without having performed any form of processing on them. This practice is very rare in other countries because Red Borneo is hardly shipped across oceans in the form of leaves. It is, however, a good way to administer kratom in the body, especially for new users. Red Borneo leaves can also be used in the food. The leaves can be slightly crushed in such a way that you can still see their bits and pieces, subsequent to which they’re mixed with food or chewed.

Leaves Processed Into Powder

Kratom leaves are usually dried and crushed painstakingly into powdered form before being sold either locally or abroad. Sometimes, the powder is the end product while in other instances it is converted into a capsule. Red Borneo powder is administered into the body by either putting in food or tea and other beverages like smoothies, juice, and milkshakes. You can also opt to take it orally with a side of juice or any other preferred drink.

Users can make Red Vein strain powder at home. It can be done by hand or by use of food processors. In the case of whole leaves, the foliage should first be left to dry. Doing it from home may not guarantee total dehydration of the leaves, but they will dry enough to be able to crush them. Once the leaves are dry, you can squeeze them by hand, use a wooden spoon or put them in a food processor and blend until they become a fine powder.

Capsule Up the Powder

This is not the newest theory in town. However, it is not something you can achieve from your kitchen. Over the years, kratom powder has been manufactured and subsequently converted into capsules. This form, however, has only one way of administration, which involves taking it orally like normal medicine. You cannot chew the kratom since it is already covered by a capsule.

Unfortunately, the finer the form of kratom, the more likely that its natural sense has been interfered with. With those Kratoms that have been processed in the factories, the chances are that the procedures included new injection of chemicals that may alter the natural properties of the herb. However, kratoms can still be enjoyed irrespective of the form in which they come.