The vendors of this drug sell under its brand name called Provigil. The reason why you should buy modafinil is that it treats sleepiness resulting from obstructive sleep, shift work disorder or narcolepsy. The drug is taken orally and known to have some common side effects such as nausea, trouble sleeping, anxiety, and headache.

Through research, it is not yet clear whether the drug is safe during pregnancy period. Besides, it is also not clear on how it entirely works or the effects it may cause on brain part that is involved with the sleep cycle.

How Modafinil Drug Works

Modafinil drug will promote wakefulness after it has stimulated the user’s brain. Despite having an unknown working mechanism, modafinil is known to increase dopamine in the user’s brain. Dopamine is referred to as a chemical neurotransmitter used by nerves as they communicate. The drug is legalized after it was approved in December 1998 by FDA.

Recommended dosage

The recommended modafinil dosage for an adult is 200 mg. It should be taken once daily and not exceeding 400 mg. When treating narcolepsy, the patient should consume the drug in the morning. If the patient wants to treat obstructive sleep or apnea, then he/she should consume one hour before.

Modafinil drug can be consumed with food or without. It is important to note that, the 400 mg doesn’t mean its more effective than the dose of 200 mg.

Interacting Supplements Or Drugs With Modafinil

The drug can either increase or decrease enzymatic actions in the liver as it metabolizes other drugs. It may lead to the decline of other drugs level resulting in the reduction of effectiveness or increase drugs that may result in toxicity.

When taken with other drugs, you should be careful. Some of the drugs known to reduce their effectiveness include hormonal contraceptives, theophylline, and cyclosporine. In addition, some drugs that may result in toxicity are like propranolol, diazepam, warfarin, and phenytoin. On the other hand, drugs like rifampin, phenobarbital, and carbamazepine are known to increase their effectiveness or toxicity when used during modafinil drug medication.

The research has not yet evaluated the effect of consuming alcohol on modafinil. It is advisable to avoid alcohol while using modafinil drug.


You can’t purchase this drug over the counter in a pharmacy. If you have a medical doctor’s prescription, then it is possible to purchase over the counter this smart drug. It is easy for you as you will walk into a pharmacy and purchase over the counter. However, most of the people with interests of purchasing the drug but they lack doctor’s prescription, they seek for online services. Some online vendors in some countries face huge fraud risks as they are not legalized. It may result in medical repercussions. But some vendors are genuine and individuals can acquire the cognitive-enhancing nootropics modafinil drug safely