Getting Married Overseas

Organize Your Wedding Timeline With Perfect Way

Since organizing such big event like a wedding is always troublesome, you need to chalk out one week before wedding timeline properly so that nothing will go wrong in the big day.

These days the popularity of wedding planning overseas has increased a lot. Winchester Indiana has attracted some wedding from the chinese market as well. Weddings are a great business to be with and some travel to exotic places to get married, others to historic places like the town of winchester or the island of Malta for example. In any case, you will definately need to make a plan or hire a wedding organiser to help you out. And if you are planning a trip to the island, don not forget to book an early flight. You can check out more here


chatholic wedding in the us and overseas

It is always better to finish all the wedding preparation beforehand so that in the find week before the event, you can focus on your special moments and stay stress-free. Of course, in a place like Malta, you can entrust the wedding affair in the hands of professional wedding planners who conduct and organize the entire affair with great care. Still, keep on reading the article in your final countdown is about to start-

Planning One Week Ago…

  • Since a wedding is a lavish event in Malta, your wedding planners may have organized most of the events before one week. Therefore, it is the time to verify the final guest list with them and finalize the table plan.
  • Don’t forget to collect your engagement ring clearing since it is better to handle the matter yourself instead on depending on the wedding planner.
  • The professional wedding planners always recommend a final wardrobe test for the bride, groom, their attendants, bridesmaids, and groomsmen so that everything remains perfect for the big day. Even it is essential to practice wearing the wedding shoes so that you have a good drip on them.
  • Verify that your wedding planner has fixed the beauty and hair artist’s appointment properly in case of the brides.
  • For the groom, it is essential to have the final haircut one week ago.
  • Confirm from your wedding planner about the wedding day timeline. Also, don’t forget to share the schedule with your bridal party and parents.
  • Your wedding planner must have already consulted with the wedding photographer and videographer about the grand day. Now, you should confirm once from them.

Planning 2-3 Days Before…

  • In the year-round wedding events in Malta, it is always recommended to complete the massage, waxing, manicure, pedicure and another preening so that you can get the best care from your beautician.
  • Since there are several ceremony décor items, it is better to pack them in separate boxes so that on the wedding day, you can find them easily. Also, verify whether your wedding planners have already prepared stuff such as table number, place cards, menus, etc.
  • You need to finish wrapping if you are about to give your bride, groom, their parents, bridesmaid, and groomsmen any gift.

Planning for 1 Day to Go…

  • It is the time to rehearsal for the ceremony and dinner.
  • Whether the wedding venue is a lawn, beach, any hotel, converted farmhouses or a baroque palace with gardens in Malta, it is always essential to make a proper planning for removing all the decorations and gift after the ceremony will be over, therefore, consult with your wedding planner about this matter.


Planning for the Day Before…

  • Enquire of whether your wedding is on the way to deliver on time.
  • You need to entrust someone who will bring all the marriage ceremony documents to the venue on the following day.
  • Take a relaxing aroma bath and have a good night’s sleep!

Hope is helps create a clear picture in your mind of what need to be done in terms of planning a wedding overseas

things to do while visiting Winchester

Cool Things to do While Visiting Winchester

So you’re looking to kill sometime while you’re in Winchester?  There’s lots to do for you and the whole family, Winchester has a bunch of historical places to see, local parks and activities for the whole family.  Maybe you want some grown up places for the adults to relax and have some fun, you can do that too.  So here’s a breakdown of the cool things to do while visiting Winchester.

Kickstart the Morning

Can’t start your day without your morning cup of joe?  You’re not alone, and nobody wants coffee from a gas station.  Finding the right place with a decent cup of coffee and maybe a bagel or muffin to start the day is pretty easy in Winchester.  You can stop by Mrs, Wick’s it’s open at 6am to serve breakfast or if you want something with a little more urban chic you can head to nearby Portland to Kate’s coffee shop for some Macadamia Nut Cream Flavored coffee.

Family Activities

There are plenty of fun and family friendly activities to do within a short distance of Winchester.  Head over to Putt Putt Golf & Games for an afternoon of mini golf or some old fashioned arcade games.  They also have a batting cage if you want to practice your batting skills.  You can head over to Callahan Raceway for some go-karting in Muncie just a short distance away.  There’s also bowling, if you know your way around a 7-10 split head over to the Winchester Bowl.

If heading to the great outdoors is more your style, try out the Coppess Nature Sanctuary just across the Ohio border.  You can also grab your Frisbee and a picnic lunch and make your way over to Windsor Mound or Goodrich Park.  If you want something a little quieter there are a bunch of places to kick back and read, check out the Arcanum Public Library, they have a great selection of comics and manga.


Winchester is a small town so if you come here expecting Mall of America this is not where you’re going to find it.  Even better though are the locally owned shops and family businesses located in the newly revitalized downtown core.  Have a virtual tour of the downtown and check out all the interesting little shops and theaters that are a throw back to a gentler era.

The Nightlife

So the children are all tucked in and it’s time for the grownups to unwind.  Winchester has several restaurants where you can enjoy a good meal.  If you want to have a glass of wine or a cold beer after a long hot day the try out Red & Ruth’s Tavern of Val’s Place.  Both are a quiet places to have a drink with some friends.

Best Places to Eat in Winchester

Best Places to Eat in Winchester

Winchester is a quiet little town nestled on the Indiana-Ohio border and Winchester personifies everything that is good about small town living.  You can have small town charm but the big cities like Indianapolis, Columbus and Dayton are just a little over an hour away.  Now just because it is a small town that doesn’t mean there aren’t some really great places to enjoy a great meal.  Whether you are Winchester born and bred or just in town for a business meeting, here are some of the best places to eat in Winchester.

  1. Best places to eat in WinchesterWick’s Pie Shoppe

    Mrs. Wick’s is the quintessential small town pie shop, walking through the doors is like stepping into your grandmother’s kitchen with its warm delicious smells. Famous for sugar cream pie and the state made sugar cream pie the state pie and Winchester the capital.  Open from 6am to 7pm the atmosphere is warm and the staff are friendly and they have a full menu not just pies.  Although the pie alone is reason enough to check in.

  2. El Carreton Mexican Restaurant

    Nestled just outside of Winchester on Greenville Pike it is worth the drive. One of the best Mexican restaurants in Eastern Indiana according to one reviewer, it serves standard Mexican fare but it does it really really well.  Prices are modest and the atmosphere is relaxed and comfortable, add it to your must try list when you’re in town.

  3. Everett’s Place

    Everett’s Place features down home cuisine, comfort food like meatloaf and ham with delicious sides, food that your mom would make. All the food is homemade and the staff is warm and friendly, the restaurant is in a beautifully restored department store conveniently attached to a theater.  You have the option of eating on the balcony and doing some people watching while you wait for your food.  The prices are more than reasonable with meatloaf, two sides and a drink all coming in at under $10 you really can’t go wrong.

  4. Bogie’s Ice Cream

    So this is not technically a restaurant but it is still a place you need to try. If you never been to the Mid-West in the summer time, it is HOT!  Sitting down in the early evening after dinner and cooling off with a delicious cone of hand scooped ice cream while sitting at a picnic table…well there’s nothing better.  It’s one of the best things about summer.

These are just a couple of places you should check out while in Winchester, try out some of the other activities around town too.  Winchester is a warm and friendly town to visit, do business in or to raise a family.